helps restore optimal function to the fascia or connective tissue naturally relieving pain and tension.



uses suction to improve circulation to a specific part of the body.  Especially on the back, cupping can relax muscles, loosen congestion in the lungs and help the body detoxify toxins trapped in chronically stiff muscles. 

Anma Massage and Palpation

help me determine where you may be holding stress, fatigue, imbalance etc. This information contributes to more effective needle placement, helping restore your innate balance and wellness.

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Postural Alignment

reduces strain on the muscles, joints and ligaments and alleviates health problems simply by using gravity efficiently. 

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Chinese herbal medicine - Herbal medicine,  is the use of herbs for their therapeutic or medicinal value to optimize your treatment plan. Your overall health and resilience can improve over time when combined with a healthy diet, exercise and relaxation.