Sleeping is a Skill

Not everyone knows how to sleep. You might assume sleeping is just a natural capacity that everyone possesses, but like most natural capacities, it’s one that some people have well-developed and some have not-so-well-developed. If the capacity to fall asleep is only weakly developed in you, it can be strengthened, and one way to strengthen it is to receive nightly instructions, ideally delivered in a tone of voice that mirrors the quality of consciousness needed to drift from waking into dreaming and then into deep sleep. After enough repetitions, and enough opportunity to practice, the ability grows stronger and becomes internalized. The voice delivering the instructions speaks inside your own mind. Eventually, it may cease to be a voice at all and become integrated into a somatic routine of releasing muscles, deepening breath, and allowing thoughts to pass like clouds.

Some people know how to sleep, but under stress seem to forget. Thoughts become so persistent that the somatic routine of breathing and letting go is overridden by mental activity. If you find yourself in this situation, there are several things you can do to diffuse the thoughts, to drain them of their power, or to make them subservient to other, stronger processes within.   

Acupuncture can help! 

Physical rest for the body, and mental quietude for the mind.   

Acupuncture treatment for restful sleep aims to regulate circadian rhythms supporting the depth and quality of sleep while promoting energetic aliveness during the day. Synchronizing the patient’s sleep and wake cycles naturally improves sleep quality and helpd you remember your ability to create an easy flow between night time, sleep, and quietude and a dynamic opposing energetic wakeful aliveness.

The treatment must also fine tune whatever organic, emotional, meridian imbalances that habitually disrupt our ability to naturally fall asleep.  This stage could also include treating such disturbances as anxiety about not being able to sleep, thinking about conversations we didn`t allow ourselves to have during the day. Or physiological disorders leading to sleep apnea, snoring, restless leg syndrome, night sweats, or dream disturbed sleep.  Sometimes the underlying factors resolve easily through acupuncture treatment and lifestyle modifications. Sometimes it is useful to be able to discuss past traumas, patterns and beliefs about sleep and rejuvenation. I am here to help you enjoy rejuvenating, sound sleep.